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History and culture

Jilava Commune is in the central part of the Romanian Field, more precisely in Vlasia Field. It is the area where long time ago was the famous Vlasia Forest, area influenced by the confluence of the rivers Arges, Sabar and Cocioc. Today, it is an important agricultural region.

Jilava Commune has a history of millennia. The archeological research from year 1929 revealed important artifacts proving the existence of human living in that area with more than 2 000 years e.v. (belong to the "Gumelnita B" type culture).

The oldest document known so far, which certifies the existence of Jilava was issued in Bucharest, in June 1716, document through which "priest Radu from Jilava sells to high nobleman Matei Farcasanu a house with yard and garden". From another document issued 6 years later also in Bucharest and which mentions the same "priest Radu from Jilava", derives the idea that the village belonged to high nobleman Constantin II. According to these sources, Jilava Village was established during the ruling of Constantin Brancoveanu (1688-1714).

At the beginning of the 20th century, Jilava Commune had 3,178 ha. and 1,719 inhabitants. In the commune there were two great land owners: Petrovici Armis, who owned 1,596 ha and George Diamandi, who possessed 500 ha. The peasants owned 1,082 ha. The inhabitants having real estate property were 149 in number, and those without property were 287. The commune had two schools, one in Jilava, with 23 students, and one in Mierlari, with 10 students, two churches, in Jilava and in Mierlari, a popular bank, a mill on gasoline, a post office, an infirmary and 8 pubs.

In year 1908, Jilava Commune added to its composition two more villages, Belu and Progresu (the last two villages will form, starting with April 1st, 1914, a separate commune, called Serban Voda), with a population of 7,432 inhabitants, out of which 3,944 men and 3,488 women, and was included in the Vidra area.

At the census of 2002, the population of Jilava Commune was of 11,919 inhabitants. Jilava places 7th from the point of view of the number of population, at the level of the localities within Ilfov County.