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About the project

Project description

Project activities

A1 - Project implementation management

  • Meetings and consultations of the management team with the town hall representatives
  • Finalization of the detailed implementation plan 
  • Establishment of the assessment commissions for public procurements 

A2 – The activity of public procurement refers to the subcontracting of certain categories of services and to the purchase of goods. 

A3 – The promotion campaign of the specific touristic products in Jilava

  • Execution and broadcasting of a promotion video-clip for the specific touristic products in Jilava
  • Creation and permanent updating of a bilingual web portal for the promotion of the touristic products
  • Online promotion of the specific touristic products
  • Execution and dissemination of promotion materials 
  • Outdoor advertising

A4 – Activities of marketing of the touristic products in Jilava

  • Marketing study elaboration
  • Design, construction and arranging of a presentation stand for the tourism fairs 
  • Actions of participation to the tourism fairs in the country
  • Direct marketing activities

A5- Activity of information and publicity

  • Press ads
  • Press conferences
  • Organization of specific cultural and artistic events

A6 – Activity of internal monitoring and evaluation 

A7 – Final reporting

A8 – Financial audit of the project