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Context and goal or the project

The objective of the project

The general objective of the project “Jilava, closer to you!” is the creation of an attractive image of Jilava commune on the domestic market of the Romanian tourism, by means of openness towards what sustainable tourism and value system in tourism mean. 

The specific objectives of the project are: 

  • The promotion of the touristic potential of Jilava commune as a modality for spending free time for the inhabitants of Bucharest and for the foreign tourists visiting the capital 
  • The increase of the notoriety of Jilava locality as a week-end touristic destination, by means of a better capitalization on its cultural and historical patrimony. 
  • The sustainable development of Jilava commune through the creation of a new touristic  attraction pole on the south side of Bucharest

The “Jilava, closer to you!” project proposes a series of activities of promotion and marketing for the touristic objectives in Jilava locality, with the intent of presenting their value and of attracting tourists to a new destination. Through the capitalization of the cultural and historical patrimony of Jilava commune, the project aims that, in the long term, it will contribute to the sustainable development of the local economy and, implicitly, to the increase of the attractiveness of the area located in the south part of the capital, for tourists and investors.