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Promotion Project of Jilava

The www.promovare-Jilava.ro website is part of the project Jilava, closer to you! that has as a main purpose the development of an attractive image for the village on the Romanian tourism market. This website is an important vector in promoting the tourism potential of the Jilava village as a means of spending free time and is an efficient way to underline the value of the cultural and historic patrimony of the region.

The promotion of the Jilava tourism product along with the historic monuments and numerous possibilities of spending free time represent an opening towards durable tourism and development. This way, the presentation website contributes to the accomplishment of the objectives mentioned in the Priority Axis 5 – Durable development and tourism promotion within the Regional Operational Program, which stipulates the necessity of proper value and durable promotion of cultural patrimony and natural resources with tourism potential, as well as improvement of the quality of accommodation and amusement infrastructure in order to increase the attractiveness of the region, the development of local economies and founding of new working places.