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Dwelling from the Thraco-Geto-Dacian period

The dwelling from the Thraco-Geto-Dacian period brought to light the artifacts of a culture characteristic to the eneolithic (calcolitic) era. The dominant traits of this culture are the ceramic painted with graphite, the dwellings of tell-type (dwellings made out of remains of burnt soldering of households and of remains of all sorts, corresponding to several superimposed Neolithic dwellings, destroyed by fire) and the plastic representations made of clay or bone.

Two tombs were also discovered, dating from the 3rd-4th centuries, which the specialists have identified as belonging to the free Dacians or to the Sarmats and one from the 11th century, of a horseman with horse, which, judging from the inventory (a spear head, an iron bit), did not belong to the locals, but to a Pecheneg.